Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture and Department of Architecture: The National Forum “Urban planning and architecture in Saharan cities for the 3 rd and 04 th November 2021”


“The National Forum “Urban planning and architecture in Saharan cities

For the 03rd and 04th November 2021




  • Architecture, environment and technology
    -Sustainable architecture and building materials inSaharan cities
    -Configuration and typology of the building in the Saharan environment
  • Urban habitat
    – The Saharan habitat between tradition and modernity
    – The sustainability of Saharan architecture
  • Architectural and urban heritage
    – Architectural and urban heritage of Saharan cities
    – Rehabilitation of the Ksourian architectural heritage
    – Conservation of the historic urban landscape
    – Sustainable building materials and restoration and rehabilitation techniques
  • The urban project
    – New modes of urbanization in Saharan cities
    – Tools of urban management in Saharan cities

Honorary president
Pr. BENBERTAL Djamel Rector (University of Laghouat)

President: Pr. GAFSI Mustapha Dean FGCA (University of Laghouat)

Vice president: Pr. BENCHIKH Ahmida (University of Laghouat)
Members :

Pr. ABDELLALAOUI Abdelkader (Université Paris-Est Créteil)

Pr. ALKAMA Djamel (Université de Guelma)

Pr. BADA Yacine (BatnaUniversity )

Pr. BEDRINA Madani (LaghouatUniversity)

Pr. BOUSSOUALIM Aicha (EPAU Algiers)

Pr. CHABOU Mariam (EPAU Algiers)

Pr. FERHI Abdellah (BiskraUniversity)

Pr. HANAFI Aicha (AlgiersUniversity 2)

Pr. KASSAB Tsouria (EPAU Algiers)

Pr. KHENFAR Mohamed Mouldi (LaghouatUniversity)

Pr. KHALFALLAH Boudjemaa (M’silaUniversity)

Pr. MOKHTARI Abderahmane (OranUniversity)

Pr. REIBOUH Bachir  (Constantine University3 )

Pr. SAFFIDINE ROUAG Djemila (Constantine University3)

Dr. BELHADJ Belkacem (LaghouatUniversity)

Dr. BENARFA Kamel (LaghouatUniversity)

Dr. BENHAMMOUCHE Mustapha (Blida University1 )

Dr. BOUCHAREB Zohra (LaghouatUniversity)

Dr. BOUKHELKHAL Aboubakeur (LaghouatUniversity)

Dr. CHETTIH Azzedine (LaghouatUniversity)

Dr. MERAH Ahmed (LaghouatUniversity)


Dr. SACI Mohamed (LaghouatUniversity)

Dr. TABAI Ibrahim (LaghouatUniversity)

Dr. TAKHI Belkacem (LaghouatUniversity)


Organizing Committee

President :
Pr GUEDDOUDA Kamel Vice Dean FGCA (University of Laghouat)

Vice President:
KORKAZ Harzallah (University of Laghouat)
Members :

BENCHIKH Abderazak (University of Laghouat)
BOUCEDRA Aissa (University of Laghouat)
BOULMERKA Zoubida (University of Laghouat)
DEHINA Karim (University of Laghouat)
GHLAMALLAH Souad (University of Laghouat)
HEBBOUL Hanane (University of Laghouat)
MOKADDEM Mahmoud (University of Laghouat)
MOULAY Redouane (University of Laghouat)
OUBAID Hadjer (University of Laghouat)
KEBAILI Noureddine (University of Laghouat)
SOFRANI Khelifa (University of Laghouat)

1.  Abstractsreceiptdeadline: 
2. AbstractsacceptanceNotifications: 
3. Paper receiptdeadline: 

  1. Final program and invitations 


Must be 250 wordsTimes New Roman, Size 12, single spaced, with at least 04 to 05 keywords. In heading; Title, Name, e-mail, phone number and affiliation.

I wish to participate with;



Abstract must be sand to E-mail:conf.archi2020@gmail.com

After final acceptance, paper must notexceed 09 pages (including references)
Selected papers will be published in a special issue; sciences and engineering sciences journalISSN2170-0737
Conference LANGUAGES: Arabic, French, English
Registration fees:

Teachers: 5000 DA

Students: 3000 DA
Accommodation and catering are the responsibility of the Participant



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