University Amar Telidji of Laghouat(UATL) Sustainable Procurement Policy

The University Amar Telidji of Laghouat(UATL) is committed to integrating sustainability principles into its procurement practices. This policy outlines UATL’s dedication to sustainable procurement, which encompasses environmentally responsible, socially equitable, and economically viable purchasing decisions.

    1. Environmental Considerations: UATL prioritizes the procurement of goods and services that minimize environmental impact throughout their lifecycle. This includes:
      • Preferring products with recycled content, eco-friendly packaging, and minimal environmental footprint.
      • Giving preference to suppliers with recognized environmental certifications and sustainable manufacturing processes.
      • Promoting energy-efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives whenever feasible.
      • Minimizing waste generation and promoting recycling and reuse of materials.
    2. Social Responsibility: UATL is committed to upholding social responsibility standards in its procurement processes. This involves:
      • Ensuring fair labor practices and ethical treatment of workers throughout the supply chain.
      • Supporting suppliers that demonstrate a commitment to diversity, inclusion, and fair wages.
      • Avoiding suppliers engaged in unethical practices such as child labor, forced labor, or human rights violations.
      • Promoting partnerships with local suppliers and businesses to support the regional economy and community development.
    3. Economic Viability: UATL recognizes the importance of economic sustainability in procurement decisions. This includes:
      • Seeking cost-effective solutions that balance upfront costs with long-term value and lifecycle considerations.
      • Encouraging competitive bidding processes to achieve fair and transparent pricing.
      • Prioritizing suppliers that offer sustainable products and services at competitive prices.
      • Evaluating total cost of ownership, including maintenance, disposal, and operational costs, when making purchasing decisions.
    4. Compliance and Accountability: UATL is committed to complying with relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards governing procurement practices. This involves:
      • Ensuring transparency and accountability in procurement processes through clear documentation and record-keeping.
      • Conducting regular audits and reviews to monitor compliance with sustainability criteria and performance targets.
      • Providing training and guidance to procurement staff and stakeholders on sustainable procurement practices.
      • Engaging suppliers and stakeholders in ongoing dialogue and collaboration to improve sustainability performance.

The University Amar Telidji of Laghouat(UATL) is dedicated to promoting sustainability through its procurement practices. By prioritizing environmental responsibility, social equity, and economic viability in purchasing decisions, UATL seeks to support a more sustainable future for its campus, community, and beyond.