After the approval of the Scientific Council, grants training to improve the level abroad within the limits of the budget allocated for this purpose, for the benefit of research professors who prove their enrollment in Ph.D. Medical is in the process of training in accordance with Article 36 of Presidential Decree No. 14-196 of 08 Ramadan 1435 corresponding to 06 July 2014, which includes organizing training and improving the level abroad and managing them.

– The Presidency of the University announces the opening of the training course for all university colleges and institutes.

Professors and students registered in the PhD can benefit from participating in a scientific demonstration for a period not exceeding seven (07) days to participate in scientific forums and conferences after justifying this by an invitation to participate in an oral intervention.

– The university also grants scientific accomodations with a high level for the benefit of professors who are researchers from the professorship class.

– The professor who benefits from training to improve the level must submit the return file at the end of his training, at the level of the concerned department of the faculty to which he belongs. A copy of this file should be sent to the university’s Prosecutor for Foreign Relations